Creperie le Triskel.

On my Birthday my partner completed a half marathon. I woke up at 5:30 am to see her. She hates crepes, where as I love them. So I decided that we should go and eat some as my birthday lunch. Plus, it added some balance to the day. : p
I decided to head to Creperie le Triskel on Hardware lane, which I had been to before and enjoyed.  The whole family came along too, so you get lots of photos!

Creperie Le Triskel
Photo of the Menu. Everything is really quite affordable for the amount of food that you receive. It was all very filling too.


Pretty laneway
Since Creperie le Triskel is on Hardware lane, the place looks very European and is very pretty. Makes you feel as though you actually are in Paris, eating crepes.


The decor inside is very cute. Lots of books on shelves and posters!



Croque Madam

Croque yum
I ordered “Le Croque Madame” ($12). It was massive. A giant heart-attack sandwich on a heap of lettuce as if the lettuce is trying to balance out the amount of artery clogging calories in the sandwich. The cheese, ham and egg made for a perfect sandwich.  There was also heaps of butter. In my head I’m calling it a Croque Yum rather than a Croque Madame.  Really I felt as though I should have been the one to run a half-marathon, not Alice.



Alice ordered ‘L’éstival ($13.50) and she seemed to enjoy it, despite not liking crepes. : p It is weird that she ordered a galette and not a ‘croque’, given her distain for the thin pancakes, however she doesn’t really like melted cheese or egg, so I guess the crepe was the lesser evil for her! I must say it looked pretty awesome from where I was sitting.  The little extra piece of bread was cute. Oh, and I should mention, when you order a crepe you can just ask and they give you a complimentary bowl of salad to share. It is delicious!


I can’t quite remember which one this is, but I figured I would include a shot of it, just so you can see how big the servings are and how fresh it looks. : )



For dessert Alice and I got this crepe to share – Homemade caramel, braised apple and vanilla ice cream. ($10) It was so so good. So very sweet too, but not too sweet. I love caramel, it is my new obsession. I even put it in my coffee.


A simple lemon and sugar crepe.


Almonds and chocolate. Not something usually featured on this blog, but my mother in-law ordered it, so here it is!
Almonds and chocolate. Not something usually featured on this blog, but my in-law ordered it, so here it is!



I loved my birthday lunch. The food was fresh and delicious and the atmosphere was perfect.  Next time you are on hardware lane check Creperie Le Triskel out – it is gorgeous!

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  1. It’s pretty hilarious you should get the croque Madame & Alice would get a galette what with your preferences


    1. allergicinmelb says:

      I know! But she doesn’t like melted cheese or gooey egg either. :p I think the galette was the lesser evil for her.


  2. Andrew says:

    Wow! I’ve not heard of this venue, but it looks amazing- authentic, generous and tasty. Great review, and thanks for the hot tip!


    1. allergicinmelb says:

      Thanks! Yeah. It is gorgeous! Thanks for commenting and reading! 🙂


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