Wonderbao, CBD.

 Isn’t it amazing where sudden pangs of hunger can lead you to?

When you are up early running errands, sometimes lunch time can catch up to you, and that is what happened to me, last week in the CBD.

A quick look up on Zomato lead me to through some pretty Melbourne laneways to Wonderbao, a little (and I mean tiny) eatery that does the most amazing baos.

There was no space to sit down inside so I grabbed a milk crate outside and ate my lunch, while staring at the graffiti on the brick walls.

I got “Da Pork Bao” – a steamed bun filled with egg, shiitake mushroom and Chinese sausage ($3.5) and a roast pork belly gua bao- a little sandwich like bao filled with roast pork belly, cucumber, pickled carrots, daikon and hoisin sauce ($4.2).

The “Da Pork Bao” was super filling, and warming. I thought that while the flavours were awesome, it was probably too dense for me, though I did still enjoy it.

The roast pork belly was so so good. Fresh vegetables, perfectly marinated sweet pork belly sandwiched together with a fluffy and warm bao. I could have eaten a million of these.

They also have meal deals with combinations of the different flavours available for good prices.

I can’t wait to head back there again, and order at least 5 of those open gua baos!

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