Altove, Paris. 

When in France, eat …Italian. No seriously, do it. Also, try Lebanese and Japanese food too. Just like how sushi is made differently in Australia to Japan, and the same idea applies to Italian food in France. There is a different twist on your traditional dishes, a fusion of ideas and flavours, and it is delicious.

Altrove is a tiny little Italian restaurant in Saint-Germain-des-Pres. You couldn’t fit 20 people in it. However, what it lacks in space, it makes up for in character, flavour and friendliness.

It has such a quirky front, with fresh ingredients on display, and a warm cosy french-y feel.

The waitress was so friendly and accommodating – plus she put up with my crappy French!

We ordered an antipasto platter, which is still the freshest and tastiest antipasto I have ever had. They were generous with the fresh bread, and there was such amazing flavour in the good quality olive oil used in the antipasto, plus the herbs really stood out. Fantastic stuff.

We also tried a simple tomato based baked pasta , which was stunning and simple. Comfort food at its finest. Not pictured is a zucchini and speck pasta which was also yummy, and a bit of a twist on your usual pasta.

A close up – look at that cheesy goodness!

We finished with a lemon granita – sweet, light and refreshing. A perfect way to end a meal.

The meal was completely affordable too – this place is a real gem in Paris. If you are in the area, definitely make a booking (it gets popular!) and try it. It is such a warm restaurant – beautiful in it’s simplicity, and the perfect mix of French and Italian!



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