Chin Chin, CBD.

Hey so, you know what never happens?

If you said getting into Chin Chin without having to wait at least half an hour, then yes, you are right.

Though, we did get a table for lunch the other day with no wait.

So, miracles do happen.

At least crazy delicious ones do.

Chin Chin is a light-filled space, which echoes with conversation and is electric with excited eaters. Every now and then an exclamation reaches out above the steady buzz,  a “OMG, this is SO GOOD” or  an “Oooh.” Safe to say, the wait for your food to be cooked is  suspenseful and envy-stricken – that waiter carrying that dish you ordered is heading in a beeline towards you, BUT suddenly makes a sharp turn and you stare at the adjacent table, nudge your partner and observe nonchalantly – “that looks good.”

Such light, such quirk.

Check out the iconic bunny light fixture!

Now, I know that you are probably just a eager as I was to get onto the food.

This Kingfish sashimi is  A MUST ORDER. It is easily my favourite dish at Chin Chin, and one of my faves of all time. It is one of those dishes that you have to have at least once in your life. It is spicy, addictive and refreshing.

Chin Chin has some amazing curries and stir-fries, and really you can’t go wrong choosing a few of them to share.  We tried so many that I can’t even remember the names of the dishes.
Anything with pork belly is a must – they do spicy/sweet perfectly.
+ something that packs some heat – something with the word “Jungle” in it, is a sure bet!

Next time I head there I’m going to try their FEED ME option where 69 dollars gets you a selection off the menu of their choosing. I know it is all good and it might get me to try something I wouldn’t naturally go for!

So yes, believe the Hype. People wait in lines outside venues for good reasons sometimes. :p



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