Tahini, Melbourne CBD

Melbourne’s indoor arcades are just as magical as it’s laneways, and are definitely worth exploring. I find the best restaurants and cafes simply by exploring, and that is how I found Tahini. It has been a delicious and dangerously addictive discovery.

My first visit was solo during a week day lunch time, and I ordered what the waiter recommended, not really knowing what to expect.

Since then I have been back with family, friends and for a solo lunch again!

Safe to say, that dish I ordered on my visit was seriously yum: the soufra for one.

It is essentially a Lebanese feast for one where you can choose the type of grill ( meat or halloumi or veg), and it comes with hummus, falafel, pita, tabouleh, labneh, pickles and spiced rice/noodle. If you are like me, and seriously suffer from FOMO, then Tahini is the place for you, because you can try a bit of everything!

If you visit with friends and family, the soufra options turn into a banquet where you can try heaps off the menu: and it is such great value ( $46 for 2 and $25 per head for 3+)

Your table gets filled with small bowls containing the likes of delicious fresh dips, crunchy falafel, rice wrapped in vine leaves, cheese cigars, salads with crunchy pita, pickles and grilled meats!

Look, they have other things on the menu too, such as meal sets of wraps, dips, salads and chips ( Tablieh) and salads which you can add grilled meat to, but I think the soufra is a must order!

Their drinks menu is also worth exploring: we love the housemade apple, mint and ginger lemonade, but next time want to try the rose water & pomegranate lemonade.

Make sure you book, because it gets really busy at lunchtime, and you don’t want to be waiting in a line staring at people eating ( my worst nightmare).

Rating: 5/5

Tag me on Instagram @goodfoodgoodkarma if you go, and let me know what you think!

Tahini Lebanese Diner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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