Manhattan Modern Indian, Toorak

Manhattan is a recently opened Indian restaurant ( just over a month!) which has a fun and creative vibe to its dishes. It is modern Indian food with a twist.

We were invited by the owners to check out their new 7 course degustation menu. We had a lovely time, and enjoyed the stories and ideas behind each dish.

First things first though:

The interiors of the restaurant have been kept from the previous restaurant and don’t quite match the fun, vibrant dishes, and the quirky energetic attitude from staff.

The degustation on the evening was a six course instead of 7 because of an ingredient delivery issue.

This is a really new restaurant so they are still finding their feet, so keep that in mind when you visit too.

We were not presented with a menu, so be prepared for a night filled with delicious surprises.

Now onto the food:

We started with a cup of warming cardamom and rose tea, which was sweet, fragrant and delicious. It was a cold rainy day, so it was much appreciated!

From there, a fantastic paddle of pani puri was presented, with each vial containing a different flavour: there was mint, tamarind, potato, roasted pineapple, pomegranate and even toffee!

Pani puri are crunchy puffs which are filled with either chickpeas or potato or something else, and flavoured water. They are seriously taste and texture sensations and one of my favourite snack foods.

Manhattan’s version of pani puri was colourful and heaps of fun. I loved the toffee puri, which was only slightly sweet but caramelised.

Following the puri was a samosa, which to me looked like a mountain. It was drizzled with pink and green sauces, and was filled with veggies. It perhaps got a bit soggy from the sauces but was still very yummy.

Then we had the best tandoori chicken tikka I have eaten in a while. When ordering this dish from other restaurants, I have been disappointed as it can be over cooked and very dry.

However, Manhattan’s version was succulent and moreish. Loved it.

Our mains arrived soon after: a Goan prawn curry, with the actual sauce being poured onto the plate on the table. Fun to watch. It was a bright yellow/orange hue and a very attractive dish. There was a light heat to the curry, and mild spices – it was nice, but perhaps could have packed more punch!

We were super full at this point, as you can imagine, and the next course was perfectly timed, as it was dessert! A ‘Surprise pot’ layered with crunchy chocolate soil, light buttery cheese foam and gulab jamun style cake at the bottom. Plus, it was topped with an edible flower! This was a great sweet with lots of texture and not too heavy.

We had a great time at Manhattan. The owner is really passionate and has a vision to bring vibrant authentic food to the area. Visit if you want to try something deliciously different.

Let me know if you visit and tag me on Instagram @goodfoodgoodkarma. I’m keen to see your shots and hear about your experiences. ❤️

Thank you to Manhattan for inviting us to try your menu and experience your new restaurant. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing the place bloom with your creativity and energy.

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