Hazel, Melbourne CBD

Welcome back (to you and me). The pandemic has put a bit of a pause on this blog, but as things get better here in Melbourne, I’m eating out more and ready to share the delicious things I’ve discovered.

Firstly, a disclaimer: Hazel is somewhere I went to pre-pandemic, but I took these nice photos, and had them saved as a draft here on the blog. It has been patiently waiting for me to press publish for quite a while now!

So because this is from a while ago, I won’t review it, but I will tell you what we ate, and give you a bit of a feel of the place, just in case it inspires you to visit, or answers some of your questions about the place.


How pretty is hazel? So much light, white walls, tan furnishings and pops of green. Such a nice space to spend an afternoon or evening, drinking and eating away.

I love the lighting too – those bronze clam/ seashell/ mermaid bra lights are so cool. The chandeliers look like chimes, but I’m not game enough to stand up on a table to play them.

We began with some drinks, one alcoholic and one non alcoholic. You might know that I don’t drink alcohol, and it is so nice to see a restaurant with a nice selection of mocktails and non-alc fancy drinks.

I’ll leave you to guess which is alcoholic and which isn’t, but I’ll drop a hint: I think I got the best deal because mine tasted like a fizzy strawberry milkshake.

Crackers and dip instead of bread and butter as a complimentary starter.

At the time, Hazel was famous for these thickly cut toasts, but I don’t think they make them anymore. 😦 Got to say, we really loved them. This one is liberally topped with cultured butter and anchovies.

This one is slathered with pate (I think duck liver), which was super rich and indulgent.

Here it is heading towards my mouth.

We also ordered a pasta to share, because carbs are life. Again, I love the plate.

No dessert for us, as we were super full after eating half a loaf of bread and a plate of pasta!

Summary: The toasts and drinks were the highlight for us. I loved the space, and I know I will head back to Hazel for a drink and to try their new menu.

I promise I won’t be a stranger, and I’ll be posting more regularly from now on.



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