Tokyo Pop (Yoyogi) @ Emporium, CBD.

If you have been following this blog for a while, you will have noticed that I love Japanese food. I also love Yoyogi on Swanston street, so it was pretty cool to see that they had taken over Tokyo Pop at the Emporium. We were doing some shopping last weekend and happened upon Tokyo PopContinue reading “Tokyo Pop (Yoyogi) @ Emporium, CBD.”

San churro, QV.

Everything tastes better dipped in chocolate. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself and indulge in a meal based around chocolate. Especially in winter. Alice and I were treated by San Churro to this lovely platter of churros and fruit to dip into a chocolate fondue. Seriously heavenly. I bet you I could dip aContinue reading “San churro, QV.”

Chok, Barcelona. 

 Is this my favorite sweets shop in the entire world? Yes. You must not miss this place when you go to Barcelona. The cakes, chocolate, macarons, doughnuts, chocolate covered chips, chocolate salami, cake pops, pastries, cupcakes and truffles are just AMAZING. Yes, those are doughnuts hanging on hooks on that wall. Yes, that is aContinue reading “Chok, Barcelona. “

Magnolia Bakery, NYC.

It was a cold New York night and we had had an early dinner before going to see a show, and by 10:00pm we were starving. So we decided to get dessert and Magnolia Bakery was still open. I had heard that the bakery chain wasn’t as amazing as it is hyped up to be,Continue reading “Magnolia Bakery, NYC.”

San Churro- I’m obsessed.

I love me some spanish churros and San Churro’s are delicious! I went to the QV one for my birthday recently and ordered a churro feast for everybody. Everybody was pleased : The caramel sauce is actually my fave. I don’t eat chocolate because Alice can’t (due to the caffeine) so the caramel is aContinue reading “San Churro- I’m obsessed.”