Frank Green and me.

I think that things that are useful and practical don’t have to be ugly – things like hair brushes, pens, razors and re-usable coffee cups can be functional AND chic.

Which is why I love my Frank Green smart cup so much. I recently met up with the folks from Frank Green to have a look at their smart cups, and I’m so glad to know that a Melbourne company is producing such well designed and environmental friendly coffee vehicles!

Also, after trying mine out at one of the many cafes that accept it, I can say that it is also easy to clean – it can GO INTO THE DISHWASHER. Seriously, I’m excited. I’m so lazy – I hate hand washing stuff.

The cups are also BPA free, and non-toxic.

A note though: these cups do not suit tea – stick to coffee with them!

However, the coolest thing about them is that you can pay for your coffee USING YOUR CUP.  Just download the Cafepay app

Different cafes offer rewards and discounts, and you can gift coffees to your friends, which is nice. : )

Great stuff Frank Green!

xoxo Karma

Disclaimer: Frank Green gave me a Smart Cup to try, and I tested it for a month.


Fukuryu ramen, CBD.

There is nothing better than a bowl of hot ramen on a cold Melbourne night.

Fukuryu ramen is up some stairs on Corrs Lane. It is loud and buzzing, and busy busy busy. However, service is mega efficient and friendly.

We were given a tracker beeper with a number on it and we chose a table towards the back.

We were thirsty! These delicious fizzy drinks came in some awesome flavours- melon, lychee and strawberry. We loved them (especially the lychee) – I remembered having them when I was younger from an Asian grocery store.

We ordered an entree of okonomi balls, which were pork belly and egg balls covered with Japanese BBQ sauce and kewpie mayo. They were good, but so rich, especially with all the sauce. Seriously struggled to finish them.


They do really great ramen here!  I like the serving sizes too – some ramen places serve too much – I always feel so bad leaving so much broth. I still didn’t finish my ramen here, but I got close.

We shared a traditional Tonkotsu ramen with pork bone broth and a miso ramen with a chicken and fish broth, and corn.

The Tonkotsu was so creamy and rich. It was wonderful. The egg in it was all melty and gooey and the pork was tender and melt-in mouth. Heavenly stuff! So warming too. It was super cold outside, so something to warm us up was needed!

The miso was lighter, and less rich, but by no means less delicious. Alice actually liked the lighter broth better, and I imagine a lot of people would. It had heaps of delicious vegetables too, plus that perfect egg.

I think Fukuryu is a great place to get your ramen fix! They also do soft shell crab mini burgers, fried chicken wings, and green tea parfait, so there is heaps of other things to try alongside your ramen.

I imagine it gets real busy during rush hours, so maybe try to head earlier or a bit later to avoid waiting in a queue.

xoxxo Karma


Fukuryu Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Zomato gave me a gift of some vouchers for being in the Top 25 in Melbourne, and this was one of them.Thank you Zomato! All my opinions are my own.




Old Mates Pizza and Pasta, South Melb.

Old Mates Pizza and Pasta is a small restaurant, which mainly runs as a take-away joint.

While it is small, it still has a nice dine-in space. I especially like the exposed brick wall and the metal stools.

We decided to dine in, with take-away boxes, so that we could continue eating at home if needed.


We ordered some drinks. They have a good selection – it isn’t just coke and sprite, which we appreciated.

The pizzas we ordered were delicious – the crust was thin and crunchy, just the way I like it.

The Kebab pizza  was awesome. It had spanish onion, cheese, lamb kebab meat and rocket plus it had a swirl of garlic sauce. Mmm. Garlic sauce.

The Prosciutto pizza was my favorite – It had spinach, prosciutto, bocconcini, goats cheese and fresh basil leaves. I love the way goats cheese melts. It is so creamy. The basil was genius and really, nothing beats the taste of basil, cheese and tomato. Add prosciutto and it just has to be a winner.

We also ordered some pasta. I must say, the pizza here is better than the pasta, though the pasta was still good.

We grabbed a Marinara and a Calabrese, of which the Calabrese was my favorite. It had a spicy kick to it, due to the chilli and hot salami. The Marinara needed more flavour to it- the seafood was too blended into the sauce.

Old Mates also do Nutella pizza, plus delivery – which sounds like a lethal combination!

What kind of pizza crust do you prefer? Thin and crispy or pillow-like and soft?

Old Mates Pizza & Pasta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

xoxo Karma

Disclaimer: Zomato gave me a gift of some vouchers for being in the Top 25 in Melbourne, and this was one of them.Thank you Zomato! All my opinions are my own.

Dip In Cafe, CBD.

I was recently invited to dine at Dip In Cafe by Zomato, and it was a such a cute place that I just had to blog about it.

Head down a lane way (McKillop Street) and then walk downstairs to this basement level cafe.

The wooden booths are adorable, and so are the cute vintage props placed around the cafe.

There is a gorgeous mural that spans an entire wall.

One thing I thought the cafe could work on was its lighting. It is quite dark in there, and the dark brown furniture (and floors) add to this. I like my brunch/breakfast places to be bright and light, to wake me up and give me energy. Also, the lack of light makes it hard to take photos, but here are some to give you an idea of the menu.

We ordered some drinks – a freshly made juice ($6) and an iced chocolate ($5.5)

As you may have guessed by the name of the cafe, Dip In specializes in dips (and bread bowls), so we made sure to try some!

We started off with some house made olive bread and dips – hummus and roasted eggplant. The dips tasted fresh and flavorful, but I kind of wish we had ordered different bread to go with it. The bread was nice on its own, but it was very sweet and fluffy – maybe not the best mix with the dips, texture and flavour wise.

I really felt like eating avocado, so I ordered the “Dip in the Smash” ($14.4) which was avocado served with herb infused goat feta, roasted pine nuts, lemon and chilli in a bread bowl. I added a poached egg for $2.

It was a lovely dish but I don’t think soft bread bowls are exactly my thing. I like a crunchy bread or cracker with my dips or avocado. In fact, I don’t even like fluffy white bread at all, dip or not. However, that is just my preference.

If you like soft fresh bread with avocado and cheese, then this is dish for you though!

Alice ordered the Mexican corn schnitzel ($15.9) which came with guacamole, tomato salsa, salad, chips and a tortilla. It was yum – the schnitzel was super crunchy and tasted awesome with the salsa and guac on it. I have to make corn schnitzel at home, it is a cool idea!

There are some great items on the menu, including a Shakshuka, acai bowl, burgers, salads and a “make your own” bread bowl.

I would head back to have some fresh dips with falafel and wagyu meatballs.

Thanks Zomato and Dip In for inviting me to try Dip In Cafe out!


Dip In Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tokyo Pop (Yoyogi) @ Emporium, CBD.

If you have been following this blog for a while, you will have noticed that I love Japanese food.

I also love Yoyogi on Swanston street, so it was pretty cool to see that they had taken over Tokyo Pop at the Emporium.

We were doing some shopping last weekend and happened upon Tokyo Pop by accident. It was really really busy! Nearly every seat was taken and they had quite a few, a mini restaurant’s worth. We scrambled to grab one after ordering.

As always, the food from Yoyogi or Tokyo Pop was really well priced. These cold buckwheat noodles (Zaru Soba) were just $4.50. They were delicious with the crunchy texture of the seaweed, chopped spring onion and a fantastic dipping sauce.

We ordered a few salads to share. This salmon salad  ($6.00) was yummy. Lots of greens, salmon, sesame seeds and a tahini mayonnaise style dressing.

My favorite of the salads was the seaweed tofu ($5.50) – the silky soft pillows of tofu were delicious mixed in with the seaweed, radish, cucumber, greens and tahini dressing. I would definitely order it again.

A few hours later (and several dollars spent shopping) we felt we needed dessert, so we hit up Zumbos.

We got macarons or ‘zumbarons’ of course. They were all so amazing. Very heavy, rich and strongly flavoured. I do usually prefer more understated macarons but these were still fantastic. The perfect amount of chewy and crunchy, plus a generous size. Stand outs were the caramel, finger bun and passion fruit cheesecake.

You really can’t go past a box of macarons to end a perfect day.



Tokyo Pop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Zumbo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Paperboy kitchen, CBD.

It can often be difficult to choose where to eat lunch in the CBD, well, I’ve found the perfect place…

Paperboy Kitchen has to be one of the best lunch spots in the CBD. Well priced($9 -$13) Vietnamese food which is fresh, healthy and filling – plus they do takeaway.


Make sure you are quick to grab a seat if you want to eat in, they get snapped up at the speed of light.

It is cosy, comfy and has a buzzing atmosphere.

They give you a toy dinosaur as a table number – a cute touch!

The menu consists of Bowls and Rolls. I love the bowls- filled with rice noodles , Asian slaw, carrot daikon pickle, sriracha mayo, your chosen filling (choose from deliciousness such as satay tofu, panko fish, red curry cauliflower, coconut pepper beef and more) topped with fresh coriander.

Pictured is the red curry cauliflower ($12) and it is so so so delicious. Crunchy, spicy, fresh and so filling that I had trouble finishing it. It also comes with (what I think is sriracha) popcorn, which is spicy, sweet and super dooper addictive.

Check out the rest of the menu and other reviews in the Zomato link below!



Paperboy Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Shortstop, CBD.

 The best way to enjoy a cold Melbourne morning is with a coffee, and a doughnut of course!

Shortstop coffee and doughnuts is a small cafe in a laneway off Little Lonsdale street. It is a bright and cosy space with hooks on the wall to hang your coats, flowers, and open kitchen where you can watch doughnuts be made.

Shortstop has beautiful tiled walls and a lovely minimalist interior.

The staff seem passionate about what they do and were very friendly and helpful.

They make their doughnuts fresh everyday on site – there is a very high demand so they are always working hard.

Don’t they look amazing?

So many delicious flavours to choose from, plus there are always new flavours! I really want to try the earl grey and rose next time! I decided on an Australian Honey and Sea Salt cruller.

I also had to have a coffee – both were fantastic. The cruller is up there with one of the best doughnuts I have ever had. It was light, slightly chewy and pleasantly sticky. There was a perfect amount of salt and honey – an amazing balance. So so good. I instantly wanted another, but I was heading out for lunch so I decided to save the stomach space.

Go and try this doughnut – it will stick in your mind for a while, until you go back to get another.. and back again.



Shortstop Coffee & Donuts Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato