Hotel Hotel and Monster. (Canberra)

Alice and I recently went up to Canberra and stayed in the trendy and new area of New Acton at Hotel Hotel and ate at the hotel’s amazing restaurant: Monster. While it took a bit of a while to check in as their computers were down, Hotel Hotel really impressed us from the start. The building ( the NishiContinue reading “Hotel Hotel and Monster. (Canberra)”

Grand Trailer Park Taverna.

BURGERS. BURGERS. BURGERS. I feel like every second person has a new burger joint to recommend to me – that I must try. Melbourne has BURGER FEVER. Which is fine by me, as I love burgers. Like a lot. So when Monique from Mon’s Adventures was keen to hang out I suggested Grand Trailer ParkContinue reading “Grand Trailer Park Taverna.”

Creperie le Triskel.

On my Birthday my partner completed a half marathon. I woke up at 5:30 am to see her. She hates crepes, where as I love them. So I decided that we should go and eat some as my birthday lunch. Plus, it added some balance to the day. : p I decided to head toContinue reading “Creperie le Triskel.”