Hotel Hotel and Monster. (Canberra)

Alice and I recently went up to Canberra and stayed in the trendy and new area of New Acton at Hotel Hotel and ate at the hotel’s amazing restaurant: Monster. While it took a bit of a while to check in as their computers were down, Hotel Hotel really impressed us from the start. The building ( the NishiContinue reading “Hotel Hotel and Monster. (Canberra)”

San Churro- I’m obsessed.

I love me some spanish churros and San Churro’s are delicious! I went to the QV one for my birthday recently and ordered a churro feast for everybody. Everybody was pleased : The caramel sauce is actually my fave. I don’t eat chocolate because Alice can’t (due to the caffeine) so the caramel is aContinue reading “San Churro- I’m obsessed.”

Toby’s Estate Flinders Lane.

Alice got invited to try the new Toby’s Estate Cafe on Flinders Lane, and as always, I went along. The lovely people at Soda Communications gave us $50 dollars to order to our hearts content. Therefore, we did not pay for this brunch. Toby’s estate began in a small garage in Woolloomooloo and has grownContinue reading “Toby’s Estate Flinders Lane.”

Izakaya Den.

It was my birthday the other week and Alice treated me to a lovely dinner at Izakaya Den. The restaurant is famously difficult to find, due to lack of signage and its location, however we found it straight away! Tip: Look for Dusk on Russel street and then turn left and go down the stairs.Continue reading “Izakaya Den.”


Anniversaries. Anniversary dinners. Aren’t they swell? Well, Alice and I had ours the other day and she surprised me with a booking at Coda. I have wanted to go to Coda for a while. I often walk up and down Flinder’s lane, looking down at the basement space and its diners with envy. Ha! NowContinue reading “Coda.”

Home breakfast adventures.

Isn’t it great to get up early and make your own delicious breakfast? I made some mashed avocado with fresh herbs from the garden, feta, lemon juice and drizzled with olive oil on thick seeded bread the other day.  I also picked a strawberry from our garden. It was a great start! A couple ofContinue reading “Home breakfast adventures.”

Knock Knock.

I had to go to the dentist on Monday morning, and my shift didn’t start until 2pm. So I decided to check out Urbanspoon for the closest and most delicious looking brunch. I was near Queen st, and Knock Knock looked so sweet that I simply had to try it. Knock Knock looks like aContinue reading “Knock Knock.”

Ajisen Ramen

After a busy morning in the city shopping and exploring we decided that we wanted a feast. We then narrowed it down- a noodle feast. So we decided to head to Ajisen Ramen in Melbourne Central for a feast of massive proportions. To drink I ordered a Matcha float. I love Matcha flavoured milky drinksContinue reading “Ajisen Ramen”

The Spotted Mallard.

I love a good burger. In fact, I am obsessed with burgers. They are fatty, juicy and cheesy sandwiches filled with goodness. This is why I had to check out The Spotted Mallard, as I had been told that they make a mean burger. There were a few options – a tea smoked fish burger,Continue reading “The Spotted Mallard.”

High tea at Om Nom.

Alice was invited to have high tea at Om Nom recently. Since I was not there I can not provide you with an actual review – however I will post some of the pictures that she took, they all look delicious! The Menu: Poached Bug Tail with Sweet & Sour Sauce Vegetable Tempura, Soba Noodles,Continue reading “High tea at Om Nom.”