The Moat.

We had a quick dinner at the Moat the other day after a Wheeler center discussion. It seemed like everybody from the discussion joined our table, so there were more than 15 people yelling over each other and asking for salt, water, etc. It was pretty hectic! The Moat is a moody dark restaurant andContinue reading “The Moat.”

Miinot Gelato!

The other day I felt lazy and I also felt like I needed ice-cream. So my fiancee and I decided to go for a walk to Miinot in Pascoe Vale South to get some gelato. It was all up a 17 km walk. Very good for us! Probably helped to burn off some of theContinue reading “Miinot Gelato!”

Green Field Asia Restaurant.

I sing and I have singing lessons off Sydney rd after work on Mondays. Sometimes after lessons we head out to have dinner. I wanted something cheap but still yummy so we settled on Green Field on Sydney rd. I had wanted to try Green Field for a while – I had walked past itContinue reading “Green Field Asia Restaurant.”

The Spotted Mallard.

I love a good burger. In fact, I am obsessed with burgers. They are fatty, juicy and cheesy sandwiches filled with goodness. This is why I had to check out The Spotted Mallard, as I had been told that they make a mean burger. There were a few options – a tea smoked fish burger,Continue reading “The Spotted Mallard.”

+39 pizzeria

I work in the CBD with a bunch of lovely people and they wanted an affordable easy dinner nearby so I recommended +39 Pizzeria on little Bourke street. I had been there before and it had been lovely. They take bookings so I made one for 6 and then off we went! When we gotContinue reading “+39 pizzeria”