Bowery to Williamsburg, Melbourne CBD.

I love my friends. Not only are they lovely people, catching up with them¬†¬† gives me excuses to drink more coffee, and eat more food. I met up with a library friend recently and we decided to check out Bowery to Williamsburg for a coffee (and lunch for her.) Bowery to Williamsburg has opened upContinue reading “Bowery to Williamsburg, Melbourne CBD.”

Delhi streets, CBD.

Every Monday night I have dinner at my mother in law’s house in the city. We always get takeaway. Alice loves Nandos but after eating Nandos every Monday for months I felt it was time for a change. I did a bit of research and found Delhi Streets had just opened around the corner. IContinue reading “Delhi streets, CBD.”

Japanese food adventures.

While I’m out and about, I tend to eat a lot of Japanese food as snacks. Here are some of the places I have been to recently, which haven’t been properly explored to allow for entire blog posts to be dedicated to each of them, but still require a mention! Akachochin A late night snackContinue reading “Japanese food adventures.”

The Moat.

We had a quick dinner at the Moat the other day after a Wheeler center discussion. It seemed like everybody from the discussion joined our table, so there were more than 15 people yelling over each other and asking for salt, water, etc. It was pretty hectic! The Moat is a moody dark restaurant andContinue reading “The Moat.”

Grand Trailer Park Taverna.

BURGERS. BURGERS. BURGERS. I feel like every second person has a new burger joint to recommend to me – that I must try. Melbourne has BURGER FEVER. Which is fine by me, as I love burgers. Like a lot. So when Monique from Mon’s Adventures was keen to hang out I suggested Grand Trailer ParkContinue reading “Grand Trailer Park Taverna.”

Creperie le Triskel.

On my Birthday my partner completed a half marathon. I woke up at 5:30 am to see her. She hates crepes, where as I love them. So I decided that we should go and eat some as my birthday lunch. Plus, it added some balance to the day. : p I decided to head toContinue reading “Creperie le Triskel.”

San Churro- I’m obsessed.

I love me some spanish churros and San Churro’s are delicious! I went to the QV one for my birthday recently and ordered a churro feast for everybody. Everybody was pleased : The caramel sauce is actually my fave. I don’t eat chocolate because Alice can’t (due to the caffeine) so the caramel is aContinue reading “San Churro- I’m obsessed.”

Toby’s Estate Flinders Lane.

Alice got invited to try the new Toby’s Estate Cafe on Flinders Lane, and as always, I went along. The lovely people at Soda Communications gave us $50 dollars to order to our hearts content. Therefore, we did not pay for this brunch. Toby’s estate began in a small garage in Woolloomooloo and has grownContinue reading “Toby’s Estate Flinders Lane.”

Izakaya Den.

It was my birthday the other week and Alice treated me to a lovely dinner at Izakaya Den. The restaurant is famously difficult to find, due to lack of signage and its location, however we found it straight away! Tip: Look for Dusk on Russel street and then turn left and go down the stairs.Continue reading “Izakaya Den.”

Knock Knock.

I had to go to the dentist on Monday morning, and my shift didn’t start until 2pm. So I decided to check out Urbanspoon for the closest and most delicious looking brunch. I was near Queen st, and Knock Knock looked so sweet that I simply had to try it. Knock Knock looks like aContinue reading “Knock Knock.”