Cielo at the Mayfair, NYC.

The Theatre District has quite a few good restaurants to eat at before seeing a show. Cielo serves Italian food, in a basement which may look weird out the front, but is quite cosy inside with some cute touches – books and candles on shelves and moody lighting being some of them. Service was aContinue reading “Cielo at the Mayfair, NYC.”

Magnolia Bakery, NYC.

It was a cold New York night and we had had an early dinner before going to see a show, and by 10:00pm we were starving. So we decided to get dessert and Magnolia Bakery was still open. I had heard that the bakery chain wasn’t as amazing as it is hyped up to be,Continue reading “Magnolia Bakery, NYC.”

San Churro- I’m obsessed.

I love me some spanish churros and San Churro’s are delicious! I went to the QV one for my birthday recently and ordered a churro feast for everybody. Everybody was pleased : The caramel sauce is actually my fave. I don’t eat chocolate because Alice can’t (due to the caffeine) so the caramel is aContinue reading “San Churro- I’m obsessed.”

Toby’s Estate Flinders Lane.

Alice got invited to try the new Toby’s Estate Cafe on Flinders Lane, and as always, I went along. The lovely people at Soda Communications gave us $50 dollars to order to our hearts content. Therefore, we did not pay for this brunch. Toby’s estate began in a small garage in Woolloomooloo and has grownContinue reading “Toby’s Estate Flinders Lane.”

Izakaya Den.

It was my birthday the other week and Alice treated me to a lovely dinner at Izakaya Den. The restaurant is famously difficult to find, due to lack of signage and its location, however we found it straight away! Tip: Look for Dusk on Russel street and then turn left and go down the stairs.Continue reading “Izakaya Den.”

Knock Knock.

I had to go to the dentist on Monday morning, and my shift didn’t start until 2pm. So I decided to check out Urbanspoon for the closest and most delicious looking brunch. I was near Queen st, and Knock Knock looked so sweet that I simply had to try it. Knock Knock looks like aContinue reading “Knock Knock.”

Ajisen Ramen

After a busy morning in the city shopping and exploring we decided that we wanted a feast. We then narrowed it down- a noodle feast. So we decided to head to Ajisen Ramen in Melbourne Central for a feast of massive proportions. To drink I ordered a Matcha float. I love Matcha flavoured milky drinksContinue reading “Ajisen Ramen”

High tea at Om Nom.

Alice was invited to have high tea at Om Nom recently. Since I was not there I can not provide you with an actual review – however I will post some of the pictures that she took, they all look delicious! The Menu: Poached Bug Tail with Sweet & Sour Sauce Vegetable Tempura, Soba Noodles,Continue reading “High tea at Om Nom.”

+39 pizzeria

I work in the CBD with a bunch of lovely people and they wanted an affordable easy dinner nearby so I recommended +39 Pizzeria on little Bourke street. I had been there before and it had been lovely. They take bookings so I made one for 6 and then off we went! When we gotContinue reading “+39 pizzeria”