The flying fish cafe, Walt Disney World Florida.

The thing about Walt Disney World that really gets to me is how big it is. Seriously, the parks themselves are already massive, but there is so still much more to experience outside of the parks. I guess that is one of the reasons why they call it “world” rather than “land.” The Disney BoardWalkContinue reading “The flying fish cafe, Walt Disney World Florida.”

Coral Reef, Walt Disney World.

Ever wanted to eat dinner surrounded by sharks? I know that hasn’t really been a dream of mine but I did it anyway- (the sharks were behind glass.) Coral Reef in Epcot is a really cool restaurant surrounded by an aquarium that not only has sharks, but little fishes, stingrays and other sea creatures too.Continue reading “Coral Reef, Walt Disney World.”

Delhi streets, CBD.

Every Monday night I have dinner at my mother in law’s house in the city. We always get takeaway. Alice loves Nandos but after eating Nandos every Monday for months I felt it was time for a change. I did a bit of research and found Delhi Streets had just opened around the corner. IContinue reading “Delhi streets, CBD.”

Jiko – The Cooking Place, Walt Disney World, Florida.

Jiko is an African influenced restaurant in the Animal Kingdom resort at Walt Disney World, Florida. We actually ate here twice, we loved it so much.

LA Food Time.

I didn’t spend too long in LA while I was in the US and I wish I had been able to explore more as a foodie. Next time I visit I will have a Food Truck crawl but until then – this is what I ate. Kaya Street Kitchen. This place was packed, even atContinue reading “LA Food Time.”

Magnolia Bakery, NYC.

It was a cold New York night and we had had an early dinner before going to see a show, and by 10:00pm we were starving. So we decided to get dessert and Magnolia Bakery was still open. I had heard that the bakery chain wasn’t as amazing as it is hyped up to be,Continue reading “Magnolia Bakery, NYC.”

Natsumi, New York.

On my US trip, I decided to let Yelp guide me to the best food places in the area I was currently in, rather than planing my trip around the food. Therefore, one night before seeing a show in the Theatre District in New York, Yelp lead us to this delightful Japanese restaurant, which weContinue reading “Natsumi, New York.”

The Moat.

We had a quick dinner at the Moat the other day after a Wheeler center discussion. It seemed like everybody from the discussion joined our table, so there were more than 15 people yelling over each other and asking for salt, water, etc. It was pretty hectic! The Moat is a moody dark restaurant andContinue reading “The Moat.”

Grand Trailer Park Taverna.

BURGERS. BURGERS. BURGERS. I feel like every second person has a new burger joint to recommend to me – that I must try. Melbourne has BURGER FEVER. Which is fine by me, as I love burgers. Like a lot. So when Monique from Mon’s Adventures was keen to hang out I suggested Grand Trailer ParkContinue reading “Grand Trailer Park Taverna.”

Mr and Mrs Howell.

The last time I went to Mr and Mrs Howell I was really taken with the wonderful service, beautiful space and delicious food, so I decided to book my birthday celebrations there.  I have been following the chef – Mark Brozic on Instagram (@mrandmrshowelll ) and it was so lovely to meet him – heContinue reading “Mr and Mrs Howell.”