Isme, Fitzroy

Summer Friday evenings are made for drinks and dinner with friends, watching the sky slowly change colour. We recently spent a warm Friday evening at Isme, a Lebanese restaurant hidden in the backstreets of Fitzroy. We were invited by restaurant management to try the menu, and it was a wonderful evening. Japanese may be theContinue reading “Isme, Fitzroy”

Chok, Barcelona. 

 Is this my favorite sweets shop in the entire world? Yes. You must not miss this place when you go to Barcelona. The cakes, chocolate, macarons, doughnuts, chocolate covered chips, chocolate salami, cake pops, pastries, cupcakes and truffles are just AMAZING. Yes, those are doughnuts hanging on hooks on that wall. Yes, that is aContinue reading “Chok, Barcelona. “

La Baguette, Berwick.

La Baguette is like France, but in Berwick. Not something I ever expected to say, but there you go. The decor is cute french kitsch with lots of adorable touches like candles, flowers and framed pictures around the place. When we got there it was late afternoon and the place was still busy. The cabinetsContinue reading “La Baguette, Berwick.”

Jimmy’s Place, Fawkner.

DOUGHNUTS. I think Melbourne is currently obsessed with them. Every day I hear about a new place selling these delicious fried balls of dough. Jimmy’s Place is a tiny milk bar in the northern suburb of Fawkner. It has recently achieved fame (even international fame) from its magical doughnuts. The place looks like your typicalContinue reading “Jimmy’s Place, Fawkner.”

Yoyogi, CBD.

Ah Yoyogi. A CBD sushi staple. I’ve gone here so many times over the years that I’m surprised I haven’t blogged about it until now. Yoyogi is my comfort food place. Old reliable. You know that place you go to when you have had a bad day, or just can’t be stuffed going somewhere new?Continue reading “Yoyogi, CBD.”

Coral Reef, Walt Disney World.

Ever wanted to eat dinner surrounded by sharks? I know that hasn’t really been a dream of mine but I did it anyway- (the sharks were behind glass.) Coral Reef in Epcot is a really cool restaurant surrounded by an aquarium that not only has sharks, but little fishes, stingrays and other sea creatures too.Continue reading “Coral Reef, Walt Disney World.”

Delhi streets, CBD.

Every Monday night I have dinner at my mother in law’s house in the city. We always get takeaway. Alice loves Nandos but after eating Nandos every Monday for months I felt it was time for a change. I did a bit of research and found Delhi Streets had just opened around the corner. IContinue reading “Delhi streets, CBD.”

Jiko – The Cooking Place, Walt Disney World, Florida.

Jiko is an African influenced restaurant in the Animal Kingdom resort at Walt Disney World, Florida. We actually ate here twice, we loved it so much.

California Grill, Walt Disney World. 

California Grill is not only the best place to see the magical fireworks at Walt Disney World, but is also boasts some amazing food.


So. I love Orlando. Especially the theme parks. I went to Universal and to Walt Disney World.  This post is about Universal and as we only spent one day there, it is a short one! I seriously loved The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was fantastic. As a kid, I had extreme Pottermania, soContinue reading “ORLANDO BABY!!”