Creperie le Triskel.

On my Birthday my partner completed a half marathon. I woke up at 5:30 am to see her. She hates crepes, where as I love them. So I decided that we should go and eat some as my birthday lunch. Plus, it added some balance to the day. : p I decided to head toContinue reading “Creperie le Triskel.”

Miinot Gelato!

The other day I felt lazy and I also felt like I needed ice-cream. So my fiancee and I decided to go for a walk to Miinot in Pascoe Vale South to get some gelato. It was all up a 17 km walk. Very good for us! Probably helped to burn off some of theContinue reading “Miinot Gelato!”

Spanish Design Party at AJAR.

A while ago I was invited to a Spanish design party at AJAR on Johnston street in Collingwood. The place was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist taking a few photos, plus, not to mention there was a lovely spread of Spanish nibbles. and then afterwards go to Messina just around the corner, like weContinue reading “Spanish Design Party at AJAR.”