Uncle David’s Cafe

A new job in a new part of the city means lots of new cafes and eateries for me to explore! I have declared Friday the day that I try a new place for lunch. #foodiefrontierday or something catchy like that. Let me know if you have any suggestions 😝 Anyway, last Friday I visitedContinue reading “Uncle David’s Cafe”

Dip In Cafe, CBD.

I was recently invited to dine at Dip In Cafe by Zomato, and it was a such a cute place that I just had to blog about it. Head down a lane way (McKillop Street) and then walk downstairs to this basement level cafe. The wooden booths are adorable, and so are the cute vintageContinue reading “Dip In Cafe, CBD.”

Wonderbao, CBD.

 Isn’t it amazing where sudden pangs of hunger can lead you to? When you are up early running errands, sometimes lunch time can catch up to you, and that is what happened to me, last week in the CBD. A quick look up on Zomato lead me to through some pretty Melbourne laneways to Wonderbao,Continue reading “Wonderbao, CBD.”

Etto Italian Street Pasta, South Melbourne. 

One afternoon a few weeks ago I thought to myself, ” You know what? It has been a while since I have had good pasta. Like really good pasta…” That thought lead me to do a bit of searching and that search lead me to Etto. I wanted a pasta meal, not a pretty bowlContinue reading “Etto Italian Street Pasta, South Melbourne. “


I absolutely love the new Emporium. It is so pretty, easy to access and quite the foodie destination for a shopping centre. I head in there quite a few times a week, and you know me, I’m always hungry. So I have tried a few of the food outlets there. My most recent- Supercharger. IContinue reading “Supercharger.”

Creperie le Triskel.

On my Birthday my partner completed a half marathon. I woke up at 5:30 am to see her. She hates crepes, where as I love them. So I decided that we should go and eat some as my birthday lunch. Plus, it added some balance to the day. : p I decided to head toContinue reading “Creperie le Triskel.”

Spanish Design Party at AJAR.

A while ago I was invited to a Spanish design party at AJAR on Johnston street in Collingwood. The place was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist taking a few photos, plus, not to mention there was a lovely spread of Spanish nibbles. and then afterwards go to Messina just around the corner, like weContinue reading “Spanish Design Party at AJAR.”

Ajisen Ramen

After a busy morning in the city shopping and exploring we decided that we wanted a feast. We then narrowed it down- a noodle feast. So we decided to head to Ajisen Ramen in Melbourne Central for a feast of massive proportions. To drink I ordered a Matcha float. I love Matcha flavoured milky drinksContinue reading “Ajisen Ramen”