Jiko – The Cooking Place, Walt Disney World, Florida.

Jiko is an African influenced restaurant in the Animal Kingdom resort at Walt Disney World, Florida. We actually ate here twice, we loved it so much.

Cielo at the Mayfair, NYC.

The Theatre District has quite a few good restaurants to eat at before seeing a show. Cielo serves Italian food, in a basement which may look weird out the front, but is quite cosy inside with some cute touches – books and candles on shelves and moody lighting being some of them. Service was aContinue reading “Cielo at the Mayfair, NYC.”

Natsumi, New York.

On my US trip, I decided to let Yelp guide me to the best food places in the area I was currently in, rather than planing my trip around the food. Therefore, one night before seeing a show in the Theatre District in New York, Yelp lead us to this delightful Japanese restaurant, which weContinue reading “Natsumi, New York.”

The Moat.

We had a quick dinner at the Moat the other day after a Wheeler center discussion. It seemed like everybody from the discussion joined our table, so there were more than 15 people yelling over each other and asking for salt, water, etc. It was pretty hectic! The Moat is a moody dark restaurant andContinue reading “The Moat.”

Hotel Hotel and Monster. (Canberra)

Alice and I recently went up to Canberra and stayed in the trendy and new area of New Acton at Hotel Hotel and ate at the hotel’s amazing restaurant: Monster. While it took a bit of a while to check in as their computers were down, Hotel Hotel really impressed us from the start. The building ( the NishiContinue reading “Hotel Hotel and Monster. (Canberra)”

Green Field Asia Restaurant.

I sing and I have singing lessons off Sydney rd after work on Mondays. Sometimes after lessons we head out to have dinner. I wanted something cheap but still yummy so we settled on Green Field on Sydney rd. I had wanted to try Green Field for a while – I had walked past itContinue reading “Green Field Asia Restaurant.”

Mr and Mrs Howell.

A few weeks ago, I got off work early (4.00pm) and decided that I wanted to go out for dinner. I (being the lovely daughter that I am) decided to invite my mother.  We went over to her neighborhood – Brunswick and cruised along Sydney rd until we came to a mysterious door, with aContinue reading “Mr and Mrs Howell.”

Ca de Vin.

Sometimes places just let you down. In the case of Ca De Vin, I had been there before and enjoyed it, but when I went again the other day, I was very disappointed.  I went there for lunch with Alice and her mother. Service was pretty bad. The waiters ignored you, were very cold, unsmilingContinue reading “Ca de Vin.”

+39 pizzeria

I work in the CBD with a bunch of lovely people and they wanted an affordable easy dinner nearby so I recommended +39 Pizzeria on little Bourke street. I had been there before and it had been lovely. They take bookings so I made one for 6 and then off we went! When we gotContinue reading “+39 pizzeria”

Le Grand Cirque

Tonight I had the pleasure of dining at Le Grand Cirque, Manu Feildel’s (of Ready Steady Cook and My Kitchen Rules fame) new restaurant in South Yarra. Right where Mama Baba used to be.  I was invited along side my fiancee to see Manu demonstrate some of his dishes, and to try the menu. TheContinue reading “Le Grand Cirque”